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Hi AV Friends
It is with regret and great disappointment that the committee has decided to
postponethis years East Anglian AV Competition for 12 months.
We feel that we have the responsibility to protect the vulnerable and the 'at risk'
group thatattend our event, which is a large percentage of the overall attendees.    
We have considered the options, we thought that October might be one, but
realised that it would be only a couple of months before we start the ball rolling
for the next Competition!.
The decision is to freeze the programme including the running order until 
20th March 2021. We can also confirm that our judges
Ian Bateman and Clive Tanner are available for next year.  
In the 27 years we have been organising this event, we have never had to cancel,
we've had to cope with bad weather, bright sunny AV days when we could hardly
keep the sunlight out of the hall! Blizzards and even
'The Beast From The East' couldn't stop us! 
People I have spoken to this morning agree we have made the correct decision. 
We are sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you next year.
Best regards
Dick and The Competition Committee