2022 Syllabus





2nd February: 

AGM with sequences if time ON ZOOM



2nd March: 

Battle with Leeds & Worcester. AT RAYLEIGH



6th April: 

Swap evening with Waves & East Midlands AVG



4th May: 

Interpretation of a Song Competition



1st June:

Practical Evening. 3rd Image and more with Keith & Heather




6th July: 

Fun Evening. Members to provide 5 images for us to make a sequence.

All images will be sent to Members, create a sequence with no restrictions 

using as many images as necessary plus 5 images of your own.



3rd August:




7th September:

Set Subject: "A Very British Day Out" Max 8 minutes.



5th October:




2nd November:




7th December:

The Marilyn Leedham 4 Minute Trophy